European Permaculture Network

The European Permaculture Network (EuPN) is the network of national permaculture associations, academies and networks that are collaborating with each other to develop, expand and strengthen permaculture in their own countries and across Europe as a whole.

The EuPN emerged in part from the very valuable European Permaculture Teachers Partnership project (which is a great model for teachers collaborating between countries across a continent or global region) and in part from continuing discussions from European Permaculture Convergences, which have been happening every 2 years in Europe since 1992. This includes the very useful Permaculture Teachers Manual.

IPEN is acting as an Education Working Group for the EuPN, and is also active in the Resources for Action group. IPEN has been very actively involved in developing the project proposal and funding application for an EuPN Regenerative Leadership Programme, which is designed to help develop and strengthen EuPN member organisations and activities.

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