Regenerative Leadership Programmes

IPEN is working with 9 national permaculture associations (from the European Permaculture Network) to secure funding for a 2 year project to pilot and develop a Regenerative Leadership Programme (curriculum and personal learning / development pathways) to train and support the leaders and pioneers in European permaculture organisations, teaching and demonstration projects.

The project will also produce Good Practice Guides on:

These will draw on the experience of the partners, and be designed to aid anyone who wants to learn, apply and implement good practice in these areas. All the key outputs of the project will be available from a project website, and we aim that the Regenerative Leadership training will be available as an online blended learning package by the end of the project in 2021.

We believe this approach could be used in other areas of the world, e.g. where neighbouring countries want to collaborate to support and develop their permaculture leaders and pioneers.

We will apply for European Union funding in March 2020 and hope to start the project later in the year.

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