Ethics & Values

IPEN is of course driven by the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares.

We are part of a process being undertaken by the Colab Digital Circle to identify the most ethical choices within areas such as website hosting, digital tools, communication channels and so on, with the intention that the IPEN website is a testing and proving ground for the best available ethical choices in these areas, which can then be taken up by others in the permaculture world. This is with the context that we want very valuable information and contacts to be made easily accessible to a large number of people, in a wide range of situations, whether their mode of access is laptop or phone.

For example, Webarchitects Cooperative has been chosen as the host for our site and the Colab Multisite that it sites within:

We will make more information available on our the specifics of our ethical, values driven choices on this page as we progress this work.

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