Advisory Board

We have been informally building the IPEN Advisory Group during 2018/19, the role of which is Advising rather than Directing. This has included ongoing discussions with Chris Evans, Morag Gamble and Ego Lemos, as well as regular contact with Rowe Morrow.

In more detail, the Advisory Groups role is:

  1. To provide comment, endorsement and approval of:
    • IPEN aims, objectives, priorities and work plan
    • IPEN working procedures
    • IPEN budget
  2. To be generally representative of gender and the global permaculture movement across continents, languages and climates i.e. we will seek 1 female and 1 male representative from each of the main continental areas: Africa; Asia; Australasia; Europe; Latin America; North America.
  3. To consider IPEN’s plans and work at the strategic level
  4. To ensure that IPEN activities are appropriate and available for the most marginalised and vulnerable people and communities in a country/region
  5. To fulfil an advisory role both on an individual basis (e.g. an AG member may advise coordinators on a specific theme, relevant to their geographic area of interest) and a collective basis (e.g. 6 monthly AG online meetings)
  6. To feed into and benefit from the development of IPEN as an active global network, across key areas of work and languages, including:
    • Participating in Working Groups to deliver IPEN Work Packages / Tasks
    • Feeding ideas / proposals into IPEN
    • To represent partner organisations, collaborating in IPEN Work Packages / projects
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